# Overview

The Settle Sandbox allows for exploration of Settle products and features. It is a replica of the Settle production environment, but money in this environment is not real. There may be other things that are also different, for example features enabled or disabled for easier access, such as being open to all Euro markets, or upcoming features being enabled for early beta testing by third party developers


Please note that cross border payments have not yet been activated for the Sandbox, so users and businesses need to be created for the same country in order to interact.

# Settle Consumer App

While the production version is available to anyone through the App store and Playstore, the sandbox version is more exclusive since we are not allowed to publish “fake” apps.

When the app is downloaded, the following fake card can be added for an infinite amount of funds, number: 4111 1111 1111 1111, expiry: 12/23.

# Settle Business portal

The Sandbox Business portal is always available at business.sandbox.settle.eu (opens new window).

Please note that while no real documentation has to be provided during the registration, data input such as organisation number may still need to be formatted properly according to local convention.

# Settle API

Documentation can be found att developer.settle.eu (opens new window) and the Sandbox API itself is available at api.sandbox.settle.eu (opens new window)

# Credentials

Credentials for API access can be generated for each Shop (Merchant) in the Business Portal (opens new window). A detailed overview for authentication and the various access levels can be found in the developer documentation (opens new window).

# Contact

Please send questions, comments and feedback to support@settle.eu.